Application (IOS and Android) to control your
actions: trade marketing, live mkt, merchandising,
field mkt, promotional mkt and audit.
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Promo MKT Report

Much more than a Trade Marketing, Merchandising or Live Marketing app , the Promo Marketing Report is fundamental to the success of any promotional action at the point of sale.

Have control of your team in the palm of your hand, analyze the results in real time and make assertive decisions with the help of our App.

The Promo Mkt Report Application (IOS and ANDROID) can be used by your field team as: promoters, supervisors, tasters, researchers, auditors, positivators and repositors.

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Leverage your results

The application developed by BeC Inteligência, specialists in App development, with a focus on
business Intelligence (BI) aims to make life easier for decision makers.

Maximize results with personalized reports, manage your field team and
have complete control over your promotional actions at:

Tasting • Approach • Trade Marketing • Positivation • MPDV Control • Gift Exchange Control • Incentive Campaign • Merchandising Team • Shared Promoters • Research and Check-List • POS Audit • Field Marketing

Increase 🚀 the result of your project with the
Promo MKT Report

Optimize your trade marketing, merchandising, field mkt, live marketing, promotional marketing, audit and research projects.


Aplicativo IOS e Android


the Promo MKT Report app

Customize the System access environment • Customize the layout of your projects' Hot Site • Configure each project your way, with or without Application or Web • Configure your company email • Insert your company logo, products and stores • Have your company logo on the Application.

Creating a Survey or Form

very easy in the Promo MKT Report

Create any question for your survey via App and Web • Make different survey forms • Control surveys x team effectiveness • Create answer validation rules between questions • Evaluate the segmentation of data, questions, forms, stores, products and users • Track research validation • Create duplicate research for special projects • Monitor the export and import of research.

Field Marketing

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We take care of your team and help support directly at the tip, as we are the strong arm for you.



your team on the Promo MKt Report

Check (in and out) with or without a photo of the facade of the visit site with GPS • Check-in and out lunch with GPS • Monitoring of the field team (monitoring) • Control of effectiveness or occurrence or lights • Create justifications.

Sending Alerts

rreceive in your email information from the promo mkt report app

Team Delay in the Field • Out of the Store Radius • Survey Submission Protocol • Notice of occurrence in store • Notice of Answers such as: Break, Price, Fronts and among other responses to the form received • Pending Entry in Stores, Effectiveness and Research by your field team • Research validations.

Live Marketing

Do you control and manage your team through 📲 Whatsapp?

Don't waste more time with manual executions and control of your team, automate this process and have more time for other activities.


Reports, Kpi's and Dashboards

with the MKT Report Promo

Report creation = Excel pivot table. Create several online reports • Create calculated fields • Add your filters • Use the IF function • Create custom graphics • Add comments in your reports • Macro reports on your projects' hotsite home • Segment the access groups that will be allowed to report.


manages quickly on the Promo MKT Report

Create photo questions for easier viewing on the web and in the segmentation for export • Choose the resolution of your project's photo • Export your photos in JPG or photo books in PDF and PPT (Power Point) • Customize the photo book layout • Validation of photos for the project manager.

Marketing Promocional
Trade Marketing

For the Manager

to have control of his projects

All registrations can be imported and exported via CSV (Excel) import visits / scripts from your team via CSV file (Excel) • Manage your system users • Access user LOGS reports • General monitoring of your field team from everyone active projects • Integration with any database such as Neogrid, Sell in and others • Administrative management of each project • Download your project's database in the format that best suits you.

Have information on your projects well aligned with your strategy 🧠. How about?

Accesso Promo had a very successful case, with the help of a system offered by BeC Inteligência, the Promo Mkt Report. we won the award for Best Temporary Agency for Easter Ferrero in 2016. The award was given based on attendance, turnover and meeting deadlines, after all, customers were even more satisfied with the action that generated the award.

Zanadréia Oliveira

Acesso Promo

In a year of crisis, Fullpromo grew 43% with the Promo Marketing Report. The growth happened due to our policy of austerity, commitment, new and differentiated processes and the constant search for technology and systems that help us to create the best results for our customers, and that is why we are partners of the Promo Mkt Report.

Rodrigo Medeiros


It saved a lot of time in the process of capturing data collection. Without the Promo Marketing Report application, he says: "it would not have been possible to meet the requested information and meet the deadline promised to customers. This demonstrates how much the process is streamlined by the APP. The system was fundamental for the success of the action taken by OC Soluções ."

Henrique Spinola

OC Soluções

Why the App Promo Mkt Report?

  • We do not charge administrative access or even access for customers who view the report.
  • With the Promo Mkt Report, users can create differentiated projects / campaigns under the same license: Merchandising, Positivation, Tasting, Gift Exchange, Check List, Incentive, etc.
  • Do-it-yourself concept, after user training you can create your campaign the way and strategy you want.
  • Greater speed in the implementation of any project and carried out in hours.
  • Customized customization of your APP layout.
  • Whitelabel platform for Admin and Client access on the Web.
  • Service of projects of shared promoters.
  • Time optimization, control and management in the operation of your project.

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Don't waste any more time and automate your team's control processes with Promo MKT Report.


Team specialized in software development Mobile (IOS and ANDROID), Web and Business Intelligence (BI).


Total secrecy and security about the data entered in the Promo Mkt Report.


The Promo Mkt Report is located on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with management by Dedalus.